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iDanceDaily News Updates December 2022

Salsa / Mambo

Our new video to add to your regular dance fitness programme includes this fabulous Salsa/Mambo dance class with Para Isidro getting you ready in good time to burn the dance floor this festive season. New moves, grooves, and a lot of sass!

December Interview

The interview release this month discusses the importance of cross training for a really effective workout, which is why we include our Pilates, yoga, and stretch classes on our platform, along with the ballet, jazz, hip-hop, salsa classes so that your fitness programme is both varied and effective. The club fiesta class is an excellent cardio workout too.

Take 5

This month we have launched the first of our ‘Take 5’ video series on the iDanceDaily platform. Grabbing 5 minutes exercise each day and throughout the day is key to incorporating fitness and movement into your everyday activities. Each 5 minute video focusses on a specific area of the body and the exercises are exclusively tailored for that. For example, ‘Take 5’ for the Derriere, your abs, core, toning the arms, shaping the legs, hand exercises etc.

Ballet Anytime

A beautiful ballet class including a lovely barre that includes plies, glisses, battement frappe, petit battement,  developpes, rond de jambe a terre, exercises for glutes and legs, and grand battements.  Centre practice includes pas de chat (step of the cat) and a lovely enchainment.   While the Ballet terminology is in French, the exercises are universal.  Ballet is the most effective exercise workout for the entire body to build strength, elongated leg and arm muscles, a stable core, and improved posture.  We improve our balance, breathe better and reduce tension held in the body when doing ballet.  You don’t need previous experience to join us for ballet classes as they have been cleverly designed so that an absolute beginner can derive as much pleasure and benefit as a more advanced dancer.  Massimiliano Greco’s exquisite music accompanies all exercises in this class.

Pilates with Weights and Balls.

Pilates is the most fabulous addition to any exercise programme, and this particular Pilates class with Para Isidro will have you working harder than ever!  Introducing weights, we are using 2kg dumbells, and balls, we are challenging the body a bit more with this workout. The weights we recommend to use for this class should weigh between .5 kg and 2.5 kg.  Being a Pilates fan, I found the workout with the weights extremely beneficial for my upper back strength.

Breaking News – Stretch and Conditioning Release

We are delighted to announce that our first iDanceDaily Stretch & Conditioning video is now available.  In this video, Lisa and Mikaila will guide you through some of their favourite stretch exercises.

Along with increasing your flexibility and range of motion, some of the other benefits of regular stretching include:

  • Increasing muscle blood flow
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Increasing your mobility
  • Improving posture
  • You are likely to improve your performance in other physical activities and decrease the risk of injuries
  • Better sleep

Bear in mind too, that flexibility varies between people, so you need to stretch at a level that is comfortable for you.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, so we suggest that you start slowly and gradually include more stretching into your routine each day.

Breaking News – Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates

We are delighted to announce the release of another fabulous Pilates Matwork video for your enjoyment.

In this class, Para Isidro will take you through a range of new and effective Pilates exercises that work on lengthening muscles; improving core stability and strength; while heightening pelvic floor awareness and control. Another of the many benefits of Mat Pilates is improved breathing, stress management, injury prevention and body awareness.  We think you’ll love this class!

Breaking News: September 2022

Our beautiful Spring Ballet video is now ready for release. You will enjoy the beautiful music of Massimiliano Greco while doing your barre and centre exercises with our Spring inspired themes throughout. This video includes plies, tendus, glisses, fondus, releves, grand battements, port de bras, allegro and single pirouettes.

Our Salsa dance fitness video with Para Isidro is now released. Para will take you through the basics of salsa and have you well prepared for the dance floor while getting very fit in the process. This video includes simple basic Salsa steps, back to backs, right turns, left turns, side to side steps, grapevine, Suzy Q and more.

New online dance classes in Beginners Hip Hop & Jazz!

We are excited to release our new online dance classes in Beginners Hip Hop and Jazz.

Para  Isidro will take you through a 20 minute non-stop groove class of Hip Hop moves and exercises while Tashi Bullman will have you needing to catch your breath while honing your new found dance skills in her Jazz Fitness class.

The fabulous music that accompanies our new online Jazz class has been composed and produced by Jeremy (Jay) Hay and it is a fabulous blend of electronic, pop and synchronous sounds.

Keep up a regular exercise programme.

After middle age, 50 years plus, adults lose 3% of their muscle strength every year on average.

We start losing muscle tone fairly quickly when we become inactive. Sometimes, periods of inactivity can be due to factors largely beyond our control, for example, sickness, injury, rehabilitation, or even mandatory isolation due to COVID.

The best way to limit the extent of loss of muscle strength and tone is by staying active through life.

Our iDanceDaily online classes are introducing a lot of joyful physical activity to subscribers who want to establish and maintain strong and fit physical condition. These daily workouts are fabulous to do from the comfort of your home, office, hotel room, park or poolside.

Winter Wonderland Ballet class – July 2022

We are very excited to announce the release of both our beautiful Winter Wonderland Ballet Playlist and First Yoga Class.

Our Winter Wonderland Ballet class is filmed entirely in the centre, which means without the support of a ballet barre or chair. Having said that, of course you are most welcome to use a barre or chair until you feel you have built up sufficient strength and balance to undertake this class in the centre.

We have used music from Nigel Gaynor’s beautiful CD’s ‘Emotions’ and ‘Passions’.

Our Yoga class with Amelia Sagrabb is fabulous for a reasonably intensive stretch. This is a good class for anyone who has a basic idea of yoga exercises and poses.

We paid a visit to BSP Corporate!

BSP Corporate

We recently paid our amazing iDanceDaily web designer Les Fernando, from BSP Corporate, a surprise visit to thank him for creating our beautiful iDanceDaily website. Les has gone above and beyond to create a website for us that is functional, easy to navigate, and mobile friendly. We strongly recommend Les’ services.

BSP Corporate – Business Solution Providers.

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