What to expect?

iDanceDaily Classical Ballet

What to expect – You’ll love our iDanceDaily online Adult Classical Ballet classes. Mother and daughter dancing dynamos, Lisa Purchas and Mikaila Godfrey, will guide you through a series of beautiful ballet exercises to strengthen, tone and sculpt the body while improving your posture.  

Using the back of a sturdy chair, you will participate in a number of barre exercises.  Everything from plies, to tendus, glisses, rond de jambe a terre and en l’air, grand battements, develope, and battement jete. (All ballet terms are in French, so these terms generally translate to mean knee bends, stretches, exercises for feet, exercises for legs, and combined result in an improvement in strength, turnout and flexibility).  

Centre practice is when we do our steps and exercises away from the support of a barre or chair, and these exercises focus on transfer of weight, port de bras (arms) and a little allegro (energetic steps) for improving balance, strength, breathing and circulation.  

Each video can be done in the comfort of home, the office, or poolside. Absolutely exquisitely filmed and visually easy to follow.

iDanceDaily Mat Work Pilates

Our iDanceDaily Mat Work Pilates workout is a great session to do often.  Starting gently these sessions will work on strengthening, stretching and conditioning the body from top to toe.  Excellent for building and maintaining sound core strength and beautiful abs and glutes.

iDanceDaily Pilates

What to expect – Our iDanceDaily Pilates workout is a thorough workout for the body.  A bit more strenuous than the Mat Work Pilates, you will be guided through exercises that hone in on glutes, legs, arm, and upper body strengthening and stretching. 

iDanceDaily Kids Classical Ballet

Our iDanceDaily Kids Ballet classes are fabulous fun for the little dancer in your life.  Lisa and Mikaila are joined by seven keen little dancers who also want to share their passion for dance with your little dancer at home. Video includes stretches for feet, ballet walks, skips, music recognition, sautes (jumps), little hops and big hops, duck walks, and balance exercises.  Bringing the joy of dance to children anywhere in the world, anytime of day means we can capture children’s learning moments when they are ready to dance. 

iDanceDaily Club Fiesta

Club Fiesta is a non-stop body pumping class that focuses on strength and stamina and will also have you with a giant smile on your face.  It is fast moving, punchy and terrific fun.

iDanceDaily Winter Wonderland

Our Winter Wonderland Ballet class is filmed entirely in the centre, which means without the support of a ballet barre or chair.  Having said that, of course you are most welcome to use a barre or chair until you feel you have built up sufficient strength and balance to undertake this class in the centre.  We have used music from Nigel Gaynor’s beautiful CD’s ‘Emotions’ and ‘Passions’.

iDanceDaily Yoga

Our Yoga class with Amelia Sagrabb is fabulous for a reasonably intensive stretch.  This is a good class for anyone who has a basic idea of yoga exercises and poses.

iDanceDaily Jazz

In this video with Tashi Bullman, you will enjoy a non stop jazz class starting with a funky warm up and then progressing to a number of jazz steps and moves. Tashi teaches a great jazz dance in this video which puts together all the steps she progressively covers in the video. The great music for this video is composed and produced by Jeremy Hay of Isunray.

iDanceDaily Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop class is with Para Isidro and it is a non stop class highlighting all the various basic steps of hip hop. Very cool moves and a great workout for the body.

iDanceDaily Spring Ballet

Our beautiful Spring Ballet video is now ready for release. You will enjoy the beautiful music of Massimiliano Greco while doing your barre and centre exercises with our Spring inspired themes throughout. This video includes plies, tendus, glisses, fondus, releves, grand battements, port de bras, allegro and single pirouettes.

iDanceDaily Salsa Dance Fitness

Our Salsa dance fitness video with Para Isidro is now released. Para will take you through the basics of salsa and have you well prepared for the dance floor while getting very fit in the process. This video includes simple basic Salsa, back to backs, right turns, left turns, side to side steps, grapevine, Suzy Q and more.

iDanceDaily Stretch & Conditioning Class

In this video, Lisa and Mikaila will guide you through some of their favourite stretch exercises.

Along with increasing your flexibility and range of motion, some of the other benefits of regular stretching include: increased muscle blood flow, improved posture, balance and co-ordination, improved core stability and strength, reduced stress, improved breathing, and better sleep.

Bear in mind too, that flexibility varies between people, so you need to stretch at a level that is comfortable for you. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so we suggest that you start slowly and gradually include more stretching into your routine each day.

iDanceDaily Mat Pilates

In this class, Para Isidro will take you through a range of new and effective Pilates exercises that work on lengthening muscles; improving core stability and strength; while heightening pelvic floor awareness and control. Another of the many benefits of Mat Pilates is improved breathing, stress management, injury prevention and body awareness.  We think you’ll love this class!

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