Chris Huzzard

Professional Photographer

Born of English Parents in Kenya, Chris took up photography at the age of 20, and whilst self-taught, achieved almost immediate success.  His second and third shoots were instrumental in his subject the “Dolly Magazine National Modelling Competition”

Chris’ 40 year career as a professional photographer has seen him shoot for some of the world’s largest companies in many countries around the globe; including the USA, Indonesia, Thailand, France, Italy, New Zealand and Australia.

His photographs have assisted many in the hair industry to win National awards and competitions.

Chris conducts his successful photographic career in parallel with being the major partner in one of the largest studio complexes in Australia, comprising 12 studios over four floors and 4,000 square metres.

He is mentor to many of his peers and is known for his extensive knowledge of lighting. 

Chris has a solid work ethic and serious drive to “Get the Job Done”, along with a calm and efficient nature, devoid of histrionics, to ensure a smooth workflow.

Chris is a world renowned photographer and has been especially successful in the fashion and hair industry.

We have known and worked with Chris for many years and he is an absolute professional in every respect, and that is why he was the natural choice to work with in iDanceDaily. 

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