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Lisa Purchas & Mikaila Godfrey are an incredible Mother & Daughter duo who have danced their whole lives.

About Us – No strangers to the world of media and the power of film to teach dance that transcends geographical isolation, or financial hardship; Lisa and Mikaila created and launched the Teach Me to Dance DVD series in 2007 to teach children and adults in some of the most remote regions of the world, classical ballet, jazz, and stretch and conditioning.  Their popular DVDs sold for many years internationally.  As technology advanced with the advent of all things digital, the pair then uploaded their extensive video footage as a philanthropic gesture to their Dancescene YouTube channel so that adults and children could participate in dance classes free of charge.

“When Covid hit in December 2019, the world held its collective breath.  The pandemic has been brutal on a global scale and our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones because of it.  Without a doubt we have all been affected to greater and lesser extents.  Many in the Arts world have been creatively resilient despite the incessant pressure on ballet companies, theatres, studios and events everywhere.  We have seen images of dancers teaching from their kitchens and lounge rooms just to stay connected, and we know that staying fit and healthy is especially important during these times.” To find out more about us go to the News page

There has been a progressive increase in the number of people accessing fitness and educational programmes online and iDanceDaily provides online dance classes which are fun, great for fitness and strength, and are beneficial to the body and brain, while improving one’s inner sense of well being. Being a Mother Daughter Team, Lisa and Mikaila provide classes that are suitable for the younger student through to mature age students.  “We believe that ballet, and dance classes of all genres, should be accessible to everyone at any age and ability.”  iDanceDaily.com.au is testament to that!

iDanceDaily.com.au offers an online membership to classes in Classical ballet, Pilates, Abs and Core Workouts, Fiesta Salsa Fitness, Yoga, Jazz and Hip-Hop classes.  For less than a dollar a day, you can enjoy any, and / or, all of our fabulous classes which are instructional and visually easy to follow.  The music is exceptional thanks to the prowess of pianist extraordinaire’s Massimiliano Greco and Nigel Gaynor. The video content has been filmed by highly acclaimed Perth Photographer and Film maker Chris Huzzard and the result is incredibly beautiful, and very clear.  Our video content is updated monthly so that members can enjoy a greater diversity in content, exercises, music and teachers.

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