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Adult dance fitness classes and ballet classes in particular, are a great workout for the whole body. Ballet is a weight bearing form of exercise which strengthens muscles, promotes healthy bones and burns calories.  Ballet improves posture, balance, and coordination while it also strengthens the body, improves cognitive health and creates an improved sense of well being.  The music in the dance class inspires, motivates and uplifts us.

Online Dance classes are absolutely fabulous for keeping up and maintaining our fitness, motivation and strength. provides online dance classes which are professionally filmed, visually clear to follow, instructive and varied.  Having dance fitness classes online means that you can access classes in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, salsa and pilates any day of the week, any time of day, anywhere in the world.  You can take the idancedaily online classes poolside, while on holiday, or having a picnic in the park.

The iDanceDaily programme is special in that the classes are fun and easy to follow for the absolute beginner through to the more experienced dancer.

All video playlists of exercises have been trialled in actual real time classes in our dance studio so that we can elicit real time feed back from our students as to what they enjoy and can comfortably master, and this is how a proportion of our research and development is conducted.

As Mother and daughter, Lisa and Mikaila represent two different generations, and they have created content that is appropriate for different age groups.  The content is considerate of the joints, the music is beautiful and the presentation is of the highest quality. As most people don’t have access to a ballet barre, the exercises are done using the back of a sturdy chair, albeit highly elegant ones used in the videos.

The exercises are chosen to specifically strengthen and sculpt the body into beautiful shape, working on your core and toning your arms.  Ballet is the complete, whole body workout, while the Club Fiesta classes will have your heart beat going and circulation pumping; our Pilates classes will have you improving your core strength and abs while stretching and conditioning the body.  Our jazz and hip hop classes will have you connecting to your inner groove.

If you have an internet connection you have access to our iDanceDaily programme.  You can literally take our programme with you anywhere.

Our online iDanceDaily classes are the closest thing to actually attending classes in the studio.  Our online teachers guide you through the exercises in a clear and methodical manner and explain the objectives of the exercises in full. 

Co-creators of iDanceDaily, Lisa Purchas and Mikaila Godfrey are not novices when it comes to presenting content online or in digital format, however, they are also the first to acknowledge that nothing can compare with being in a studio with an experienced dance teacher instructing you personally and directly. 

The iDanceDaily adult dance fitness programme has been created to supplement your existing fitness regime but also in the event of geographical isolation, lockdowns, pandemic isolation, and or financial hardship, the iDanceDaily programme is an incredibly affordable, effective exercise programme to do each day from the comfort of your own home.

This is a question that comes up frequently.  During the pandemic we have all seen videos of dancers practicing in their kitchens, bedrooms and the smallest of spaces.  As the iDanceDaily programme has been designed specifically for practicing in space confined areas and covers barre, matt, and centre work, you don’t need much space at all. 

As a guide, we suggest that the  floor area should be free of clutter and nothing should impede your movements when you take to leg to full extension to the front of you, to the side of you, and behind you.  You should be able to raise both arms as high as possible above your head without touching light fittings, rails or the ceiling, similarly the arms need to extend to full wing width without touching anything. 

The floor surface would ideally be a wooden floor, but carpet also works well.  Jumping exercises should not ideally be done on a concrete floor.  There are even products that can be purchased online that are also practical and consist of a vinyl covered, portable mini floor tarquet and these can be placed on carpeted areas.

Yes, it is possible to do the iDanceDaily adult fitness programme at the office.  Just make sure you have sufficient over head room to extend the arms high and enough space to the front, side and back of the body with a fully extended straight leg without hitting anything. 

In fact, the office is a great place to do this programme.  Sitting in one position in front of the computer for too long can be punctuated with doing these video playlists to keep the body from developing rigor mortis in your chair!!

We love that you do not have to wear special clothing to do the iDanceDaily adult dance fitness classes.  You can wear absolutely anything that is comfortable but doesn’t restrict your movement.  Our VIVACe activewear range is popular with many students and similarly, yoga pants or bike shorts with a tee shirt work well.

In the videos, Lisa and Mikaila enjoy wearing the Ballet Rosa Leotards and chiffon skirts, Grishko, and Mirella  Leotards, Daneechi Swimwear, Energetiks and Bloch Dancewear, and SoDanca Leggings.  While ballet shoes are preferable, grippy socks or a soft acro shoe are fine.  Lisa and Mikaila love wearing the MDM Intrinsic profile ballet shoes as they are particularly supportive of their hardworking feet.  Sneakers are perfect for Club Fiesta classes.

You don’t have to wear ballet shoes to do the iDanceDaily programme, but we would recommend ultimately doing so.  Grippy socks are fine but ballet shoes are more likely to hug and support your feet while dancing.  Lisa and Mikaila prefer the MDM Intrinsic Profile shoes, however MDM offer a fabulous range of shoes for everybody.  Pilates socks or barre feet are fine for the Pilates work outs and a soft sneaker is perfect for the Club Fiesta, Salsa and Jazz workouts.

This depends on the location and severity of your injury.  Please seek advice from a medical professional to see if the iDanceDaily programme is suitable for you while recovering from your injury.  If, after medical consultation you choose to go ahead with classes, it is advisable to stop if you feel pain or discomfort to avoid making the injury worse.

Dancing can be a safe and fun way to exercise during pregnancy.  If you dance with iDanceDaily during your pregnancy it is best not to push yourself too hard and also best to avoid jumping exercises (we offer alternative exercises for those who wish to avoid jumping).  Most importantly it is worth seeking advice from your doctor or midwife to confirm whether or not the iDanceDaily programme is suitable for you during pregnancy and post-partum.

Many people, especially women during pregnancy and/or after child birth, can experience a weak pelvic floor, which can in turn make it more difficult to exercise.  

The iDanceDaily programme offers a series of allegro and jumping exercises which may not be suitable for students with weakened pelvic floor muscles.  We do however offer alternative exercises for those who wish to avoid jumping.  Most ballet exercises engage our pelvic floor to help us maintain correct posture.  In turn, this can actually help to improve our pelvic floor strength and keep our posture strong in day-to-day life.

The iDanceDaily Pilates classes are fabulous for strengthening the pelvic floor too.  Please seek advice from a medical professional if you are in any doubt as to whether the iDanceDaily programme is suitable for you.

You do not need previous dance experience to do the iDanceDaily programme.  The exercise programme has been created to be inclusive for everyone from the absolute beginner through to the more advanced student. 

We do recommend starting slowly, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and as you build strength you will notice the body starting to positively change.  You will feel muscles you didn’t know you had, your posture and balance will improve, your arms will feel toned and look fabulous and your feet will thank you for taking better care of them.

Yes, you can! You can buy Massimiliano Grecco and Nigel Gaynor’s beautiful piano music in digital format or CD.  Please view the link in their biographies.  You can also upload music on Spotify.

You don’t need a ballet barre to do the iDanceDaily programme.  Of course, it would be absolutely fantastic if you had one, however there are other options to consider too.  In the ballet videos Lisa and Mikaila use the back of a sturdy chair to do all ballet exercises, even poolside.  It is possible to buy small portable ballet barres online or to construct one using solid wall brackets and wooden dowel, and affix to a wall in the family room!  …Yes, ballerinas go to Bunnings too!

The monthly iDanceDaily membership subscription is $28.97 per month, however if you sign up and pay for a 12 month subscription upfront, you only pay for eleven months meaning that you get one month free! Instead of paying AUD $347.64, you’ll only pay $318.67.

Please visit your Edit Profile page after logging into your account and follow the instructions to close your account.

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