Massimiliano Greco

Pianist & Conductor

Massimiliano Greco, composer and pianist, studied and graduated with the highest mark at The Conservatory ‘N. Piccinni’ of Bari.  He has recorded a collection of 20 CD’s of pure music and music for ballet.  His music is well known around the world.

For Massimiliano, the piano is everything, the vehicle that transports his inner feelings, his experiences, and inspirations through his fingers and out to all who listen.  It is for this reason that he has chosen to compose exclusively for the piano.

After a car accident sidelined his career as a concert pianist, he entered the ballet realm and has since composed music for ballet class and choreography along with his other pure music creations.

Entering the ballet studio with such a strong, certainly innate, synergy with piano music has encouraged Massimiliano to investigate the imperative partnership between the sound and the movement. From 2010, he has been the Main Pianist and Head of the Music Department of Academie Princesse Grace at Les Ballets de Montecarlo, Princess Grace Academy in Monaco.

Massimiliano Greco was our choice to work with musically for iDanceDaily as his music is everything you could dream of in a ballet class.  There is such variation and content in his repertoire to select from and we have used his beautiful ballet music in our Adult Ballet classes in our Dancescene studio for several years.

You can purchase Massimiliano’s music directly from his website at

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