iDanceDaily News Updates December 2022

Salsa / Mambo

Our new video to add to your regular dance fitness programme includes this fabulous Salsa/Mambo dance class with Para Isidro getting you ready in good time to burn the dance floor this festive season. New moves, grooves, and a lot of sass!

December Interview

The interview release this month discusses the importance of cross training for a really effective workout, which is why we include our Pilates, yoga, and stretch classes on our platform, along with the ballet, jazz, hip-hop, salsa classes so that your fitness programme is both varied and effective. The club fiesta class is an excellent cardio workout too.

Take 5

This month we have launched the first of our ‘Take 5’ video series on the iDanceDaily platform. Grabbing 5 minutes exercise each day and throughout the day is key to incorporating fitness and movement into your everyday activities. Each 5 minute video focusses on a specific area of the body and the exercises are exclusively tailored for that. For example, ‘Take 5’ for the Derriere, your abs, core, toning the arms, shaping the legs, hand exercises etc.

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