Mikaila Godfrey

Director and Co-Founder

Mikaila Godfrey (nee Purchas) was born into dance, and has danced for as long as she can remember.  Spending many of her early years growing up in West Timor meant, however, that formal dance classes were not readily accessible to Mikaila during these early years.  Having a dancer for her Mother, Lisa, meant that Mikaila could learn to dance, with Lisa, any time, any day of the week!  Since moving back to Australia, at the age of seven, Mikaila started more formal dance lessons and since then has trained to an advanced level in both Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Vaganova ballet syllabuses.  Mikaila started teaching Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Jazz Dance classes at Lisa’s studio, Dancescene, while studying dance at the Graduate College of Dance in Western Australia.

In 2007 Mikaila was intricately involved with the successful Teach Me to Dance DVD Series and was front and centre with media presentation, camera work and choreography.

In 2008 Mikaila opened her own dance studio, Dancescene Wembley where she taught students of all ages Classical Ballet and Jazz Dancing.  Since the birth of Mikaila’s first child in 2014 she has continued to be involved with Dancescene, with Lisa.

During both Mikaila’s pregnancies she continued doing many of her regular stretches and ballet exercises.  She is pleased that ballet training and a regular dance fitness program, after having each of her two beautiful babies, has enabled her to safely and healthily return to great shape post-partum.

Mikaila also has diplomas in the Beauty Industry and Interior Design.  When Mikaila is not dancing, she loves spending her free time with her devoted family.  She loves talking anything real estate related as well!

Mikaila absolutely loves that she is still able to dance with her Mother, Lisa, any time, any day of the week, which has since led to iDanceDaily being born.  Mikaila hopes that many more people from all around the world are able to join her and Lisa, for dance and fitness classes online, via the idancedaily.com.au platform, any day, any time of the week.

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